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Shin Ramen Recipes

Shin ramyun is one of the most beloved instant ramens in Korea. Not only does it provide comforting nutrition, but also plenty of essential vitamins and minerals!

This ramen is a favorite among fans due to its satisfying flavor and beef broth base. Plus, it comes with plenty of dried garnishes!

1. Shrimp & Cream Cheese Noodles

Shin ramen is one of the world’s most beloved instant noodles. Not only does it provide plenty of protein, but its delightful umami flavor makes it highly addictive!

This recipe creates a delectable creamy pasta sauce with garlic, basil, oregano, parsley and bell pepper. It pairs perfectly with shrimp and is super simple to prepare!

When in search of something different, this dish is an ideal option to try. Just be sure to use fresh wild-caught shrimp for optimal taste and texture!

This dish is super quick and effortless to prepare, making it the ideal weeknight dinner option. All you need is a bowl and microwave to heat it up quickly – you could even throw an egg in there for extra nutrition!

2. Dry Shin Ramen Stir-Fry

Ramen noodles make an excellent addition to stir fry recipes due to their speedy cooking time and chewy texture, similar to Chinese rice noodles. Typically made with wheat flour and kansui (kanShui), a salty alkaline liquid which gives them their distinctive flavor.

Ramen noodles come in several varieties, such as dried instant packets or fresh refrigerated ramen. Either option works perfectly in this recipe – so feel free to experiment and customize it according to your preferences!

For optimal flavor and consistency in stir-fry dishes, cut vegetables to an even size. Bell peppers should be large while carrots should be thin so that they remain crisp-tender when combined with noodles and sauce.

Before adding them to a stir fry, only cook your noodles for two minutes so that they have time to absorb the sauce and absorb all of its flavors. Be careful not to overcook your noodles as this will lead to mushy noodles that don’t taste as great.

3. Lime & Cilantro Noodles

Lime and cilantro make for a wonderful combination, adding an extra dimension to dishes. From Asian Pad Thai garnished with fresh cilantro to Mexican guacamole doused in lime juice – it’s truly a winning combination that works!

For a refreshing and healthy take on pasta, this Coconut Lime Rice Noodle Salad is the perfect recipe. It features naturally sweet mango and red bell pepper in addition to an irresistibly flavorful dressing made with shredded coconut, coconut milk, lime juice and olive oil. Plus it includes some lean protein for an all-inclusive brown bag lunch that won’t break your budget!

Take your ramen experience to the next level by making your own homemade dipping sauce. It’s an easy hack that will give it a more authentic taste, plus add crunch and fragrance along the way!

4. Soy-Marinated Egg Noodles

Shin ramen is an easy and fun way to jazz up instant noodles without needing a cooking pot or stovetop. This recipe takes only 5 minutes of your time to make and will have everyone talking!

One of the most crucial steps when making shin ramen is properly cooking the noodles. Submerging them in boiling water too early can cause your noodles to clump together and have an uneven texture.

For optimal texture, add noodles when they’re just barely boiled. Doing so helps ensure that all of your noodles remain bouncy and chewy without becoming overcooked.

This recipe transforms classic ramen noodles with spring onions and soy sauce seasoning for a quick and flavorful Asian take. The caramelization from the spring onions gives the dish some depth, while the soy sauce seasoning adds subtle caramelization too.

5. Fishball Noodles with Chili Oil

One of Singaporeans’ favourite dishes is classic fishball noodles. It may be simple, but when combined with the correct condiments and sauces, this simple meal becomes truly satisfying.

Fishballs are the star ingredient of this stir-fry recipe, providing a protein-rich alternative to meat. These plump, tender balls absorb flavor from all kinds of dishes – perfect for stir-fries like this one!

These straightforward ingredients are mixed together and served over al dente noodles cooked in a soup base. This recipe takes only minutes to prepare, making it the perfect weeknight dinner!

To prepare this delicious dish, first boil water and blanch the mee pok for 45 seconds. Drain then rinse with cool tap water before adding it to a serving bowl with the prepared sauce. Top it off with fishballs, minced pork, fried shallots, chopped spring onions and lettuce before serving!

6. Napa Cabbage & Swiss Mushrooms with Lime & Cilantro

Cabbage is an incredibly nutritious vegetable, packed with vitamins C and K as well as anti-inflammatory effects. Not only that, but cabbage may reduce the risk of certain diseases and promote better digestion!

This recipe calls for cabbage to be combined with mushrooms and seasoning to create an irresistibly flavorful stir fry. Plus, it’s super quick and simple to prepare!

Toss the cabbage, Swiss mushrooms, green onions and lime juice together. Season with some spices for extra flavor.

Make this dish extra nutritious with some defrosted ramen noodles! Plus, it’s an ideal way to use up those extra defrosted noodles in your fridge!

Make this delicious shin ramen recipe ahead of time and then simply warm it when you’re ready to eat. Perfect for a nutritious lunch or dinner!

7. Chicken Fillet Noodles with Kimchi

There are so many delicious shin ramen recipes out there to choose from that will surely delight your taste buds! If you’re a fan of the dish and looking for an inventive twist, try this recipe that uses spice and vegetable packets in place of noodles!

This recipe combines the delicious flavors of shin ramen with other delectable ingredients, like noodles, spinach and kimchi. It’s an incredibly easy dish that is packed with nutrients that is sure to please everyone in your family!

You can use either homemade or store-bought kimchi in this stir fry. It adds a sour, spicy kick that makes this dish incredibly flavorful! Serve this with white rice or broccoli fried rice as an easy dinner that takes less than 30 minutes to prepare.

8. Seafood Noodles with Lime & Cilantro

This classic shin ramen recipe is simple to prepare and incredibly flavorful. Packed with protein and essential nutrients from shrimp and cream cheese, it’s sure to please everyone on your dinner table!

These noodles are prepared the traditional Japanese way: steaming instead of flash-frying for a superior texture and taste. Although it takes more time to cook than instant ramen, the results are worth the wait!

During the cooking process, carrots, ginger, and scallions add flavor to the broth. This is an ideal weeknight meal that can be made with store-bought chicken stock or homemade (like Simply team members do!).

Start by ladling two cups of steaming hot broth into deep bowls and topping with noodles, birria meat, shredded cabbage, onions, cilantro, jalapenos and an optional birria ramen egg if desired! Finally finish by squeeze of lime!

9. Cheese Noodles

Cheese ramen noodles are one of our top picks and are so simple to make that they taste incredible. Perfect for college students and anyone else who appreciates creamy comfort foods, cheese ramen noodles will become one of your go-to recipes in no time!

These ramen noodles are made with cheese, milk and butter for a decadent twist. The creamy sauce and zesty cheese flavor will have you craving more.

Add milk and cheese to your broth-style ramen for extra umami flavor that gives the broth extra depth. You can also incorporate other ingredients, like garlic or onions, for even greater depth of flavor.

But the secret to making this ramen dish deliciously cheese-y is melting the cheese before adding it to the pot. Doing this prevents clumps of cheese from settling at the bottom of your pan.

This ramen hack works with both standard packet and cup noodle varieties of instant ramen. To make the soup extra creamy, try adding a corn starch slurry in with cold water for added creaminess.

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