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Pork Cube Steak Recipes

Pork cube steak can be prepared in many different ways, from baked to fried and even gravy. These recipes will turn these inexpensive cuts of meat into delectable dishes your family is sure to love!

Cube steak is a cheaper cut of meat that’s usually pressed by a cuber machine to make it tender and juicy. You can purchase cube steak either packaged in its own juices or at your local butcher counter.

Baked Pork Cube Steaks

Pork cube steak is an economical, low-maintenance cut of meat that cooks quickly and doesn’t need lengthy preparation time. It makes for great choice for busy families on the go who want to create delicious meals without breaking their budget.

It can be prepared in a number of ways, including baked. This recipe makes an impressive dinner that pairs well with roasted potatoes, steamed vegetables or crusty bread for an indulgently satisfying dinner.

The key to baking pork cube steak is keeping it moist. To do this, coat it with a mixture of flour and water before baking; this will help maintain moisture while giving the steak its characteristic crispy texture.

You can add herbs and spices to the breading mix for additional flavor. Alternatively, you could dip the steaks in buttermilk before coating them in breadcrumbs to make them even crispier and flavorful.

Another option for prepping this recipe is to marinate the steaks in an herb-infused onion and mushroom gravy. Doing so allows the juices from the gravy to absorb into the cube steaks, keeping them moist while baking.

Once the cube steaks have been coated, they can be placed in a baking dish and baked for 45 minutes. This will give the meat an extremely tender and juicy texture which makes it perfect to pair with roasted potatoes, steamed vegetables or crusty bread for an indulgent and filling meal.

This recipe works well with a range of flavors, such as garlic, basil and chipotle in adobo sauce. It’s an ideal way to utilize leftover ingredients and create an exciting new dish!

Additionally, this dish can be made with any type of soup – cream of mushroom, tomato or celery soup included! It makes an excellent alternative to chicken in condensed soup casseroles as well.

Cube steaks are not only economical and simple to prepare, but they’re a delicious addition to any meal. Not only are they low in calories and packed full of protein, but they’re also packed with B vitamins and iron. Furthermore, cube steaks provide ample amounts of potassium and zinc.

Condensed Soup Casseroles

Condensed soup is a concentrated version of an iconic classic soup that home cooks often use to thicken and season casseroles. It can be used as either an easy shortcut when making your favorite casserole, or stored in the pantry for later use.

It’s also great for disaster kits, since it can easily be reconstituted into a meal and usually provides ample nutrition. Plus, it is extremely affordable and easily found at most grocery stores.

Pork cube steak recipes that use a condensed soup base are some of the best around. These casseroles make for an easy dinner that everyone will love – plus, it takes only minutes to prepare!

Cube steaks are tender pieces of top round or top sirloin that have been pounded with a textured mallet to break down muscle fibers and make it less tough. These pounded cube steaks are highly flavorful, ideal for baking or grilling recipes alike.

Start by browning the cube steak before adding other ingredients like potatoes, carrots or frozen vegetables for additional color and flavor.

This recipe calls for a package of onion soup, packet of beef soup powder and jar of sour cream to create the gravy; however, you can choose whatever combination works best for your needs. Alternatively, you could make your own condensed soup substitute from scratch using an easy ratio of flour to milk.

This soup substitute is incredibly straightforward to make and perfect for all sorts of casseroles that call for cream of mushroom or cream of celery soup. It has a subtle chicken flavor due to the use of chicken broth, but you can add more bouillon if desired for a stronger chicken taste.

For a unique flavor, add some smoked paprika to the mix. It’s your preference, but definitely worth giving it a try!

This dish is easy to prepare and can be served either hot or cold. It’s ideal for a weeknight dinner or feeding a crowd. Plus, you can freeze any extra casserole for later!

Pork Cube Steaks in Gravy

Cube steak, a cheaper cut of meat, is often stewed or pan-fried and covered in gravy. Although it has little fat marbling, this firm cut of beef can be tender and juicy when properly seasoned. A delicious way to prepare this delectable cut is by marinating it in a soy sauce-based marinade before pan-frying over the stovetop.

Cube steaks can be bought pre-tenderized, or you can have them flattened with a meat tenderizer (it looks like Thor’s hammer). This process breaks down the tough fibers in the steak, making it more tender and juicy.

Cube steaks lack fat marbling, so they must be cooked quickly over high heat to retain moisture. Traditionally, cube steaks are served with saucy accompaniments like gravy, mushrooms or caramelized onions to complement their firm texture.

This delectable recipe for tender cube steaks with gravy is the ideal weeknight dinner that everyone will love! The tender steaks are browned in a flavorful gravy before being served over fluffy mashed potatoes – an economical dish sure to please even pickiest eaters!

Tender, flavorful cube steaks are browned in seasoned flour before simmering in an irresistible gravy. Serve this dish over mashed potatoes or any other grain to complete the meal.

Prepare this budget-friendly dinner by seasoning cube steaks with salt and pepper. Then coat them in a seasoned flour mixture, pressing it firmly with a meat tenderizer until fully coated.

Once the cube steaks have been fried in flour, they can be transferred to a skillet with gravy. When the gravy thickens, it’s time to add back in the cube steaks and stir.

For the gravy, mix together soup mix, cream of mushroom soup and broth in a slow cooker. Add cube steaks and cook on low for several hours until steaks are tender.

As the cube steaks are cooking, prepare a side of mashed potatoes or cornbread to go along with the gravy. You may also wish to serve vegetables of your choice along with the steaks.

Fried Pork Cube Steaks

Pork cube steak is a popular cut of meat that’s usually fried. It can also be grilled, baked or broiled depending on the recipe. Most often served with gravy or other sauces.

These crispy pork cube steaks are a timeless comfort food sure to please any appetite! Coated in an addictive batter and then deep-fried for maximum tenderness and flavor, they pair perfectly with your favorite vegetables for a flavorful meal that won’t disappoint!

This quick and simple fried pork cube steak recipe is the perfect meal for busy families on a budget!

Dredge the pork in flour, then dip it in a mixture of eggs and milk. Continue until all pieces are evenly coated with breading. Finally, add it to hot oil and fry until golden brown and crispy.

Pork should be cooked through and the internal temperature reached 145 degrees F. When pan-frying pork, make sure you turn pieces frequently so they cook evenly on all sides. You may also use a meat thermometer to ensure steaks are fully cooked.

To make this delicious fried pork steak recipe, you’ll need a deep skillet or cast iron skillet. Heat the oil over medium-high heat and add the pork, cooking each side for several minutes per side until browned and done. Transfer your cooked steak onto a paper towel-lined plate to drain any extra oil away.

This crispy pork cube steak offers the ideal balance of sweetness and heat – the perfect appetizer or dinner to please all your family and friends!

For a unique way of cooking your cube steaks, why not marinate them in an Asian-inspired blend of soy sauce, dry sherry and garlic? This marinade will give your pork cube steaks an irresistible Asian flavor that’s great with any meal!

For a fast dinner, try these fried pork steaks in the slow cooker. With only 3-4 hours of preparation time, you’ll have an appetizing dinner waiting when you come home from work!

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