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Instant Pot Shrimp Recipes

Make restaurant-worthy shrimp dishes at home with these easy Instant Pot recipes. These quick meals cook quickly, so they’re ideal for a weeknight dinner.

These Instant Pot shrimp recipes require you to start by adding the shrimp into your Instant Pot with a cup of water. Then cook them at low pressure in order to prevent overcooking.

Tomato Garlic Shrimp

When it comes to shrimp dishes, nothing beats a tasty tomato garlic sauce. Not only does it add extra flavor and variety to any shrimp dish, but it works equally well when combined with ingredients like pasta or rice. This recipe takes just minutes to make so it’s ideal for an easy weeknight dinner but also perfect for hosting dinner parties with family or friends.

Frozen shrimp make for a convenient dinner dish. They cook quickly and defrost more easily than fresh ones, so you can have this shrimp recipe ready in no time! If using frozen shrimp, be sure to thaw them out in the refrigerator or under cool water before using.

Tomato garlic shrimp is an easy yet flavorful weeknight dinner that pairs perfectly with pasta, rice or even quinoa. Plus it’s low in calories and high in protein – making it the perfect healthy dinner choice!

This one-pan dish uses shrimp, tomatoes, and herbs for a fresh and delicious flavor. If you like things spicier, add some red pepper flakes to the skillet for extra heat.

This recipe is an ideal way to utilize leftover cooked pasta, especially when it has been reheated. You can store the sauce in the refrigerator for several days but make sure you serve it within that timeframe or else it may become dry and rubbery.

For a low-carb version of this recipe, you can substitute the heavy cream with 1 cup of coconut milk. Not only will it not affect the texture, but you’ll still get an incredible taste without missing out on all that creaminess!

When making this shrimp dish, be sure to use peeled and deveined raw shrimp rather than frozen as frozen can be hard to consume. Additionally, it’s wise to remove the tails before cooking for added convenience.

Tomato garlic shrimp is an effortless one-pan meal that combines shrimp, tomatoes and herbs for freshness and some heat. If you’re searching for a quick yet flavorful dinner that can easily fit into your busy weeknight or family dinner schedule, this is the recipe to try!

Garlic Butter Shrimp

Garlic butter shrimp is an irresistibly simple shrimp recipe that takes only minutes to prepare. Enjoy it as an appetizer or serve as a side with pasta or rice for some added flavor and nutrition.

This shrimp recipe requires fresh garlic and lemon, two ingredients which add an intense flavor. Pre-minced garlic won’t give you that authentic garlic taste that makes this dish stand out, so use fresh for maximum benefit.

First, make a simple garlic butter sauce. This is an irresistible way to enhance the shrimp flavor and is also low-carb/keto friendly for this shrimp recipe.

To make this sauce, mash together some butter with fresh squeezed lemon juice, minced garlic and red pepper flakes. You’ll also need some fresh parsley as well as salt and pepper to taste.

Once all ingredients are thoroughly mixed together, add them to a skillet over high heat. Be sure that the skillet is hot enough for searing shrimp and melting butter.

Cook the shrimp until they are pink and no longer translucent, approximately 2-3 minutes per side. Be sure to monitor them closely during preparation as overcooking can occur!

Once the shrimp are done cooking, remove them from the heat and allow to cool for a couple of minutes before serving. Doing this allows them to be easier to handle with your hands while preventing any chewiness that can sometimes develop when shrimp are overcooked.

Serve the shrimp with a zesty lemon sauce and enjoy! The combination of flavors from lemon and garlic are sure to please everyone in your family.

This garlic butter shrimp recipe takes less than 20 minutes to make and can be enjoyed as either a weeknight dinner or appetizer. It’s suitable for those on low carb, keto or gluten-free diets as well. Pair this dish with green salad and some crusty bread to dip in the shrimp sauce for an entire meal!

Garlic Shrimp Scampi

Garlic shrimp scampi is an Italian restaurant-style pasta dish made quickly in the Instant Pot. Packed with angel hair pasta, tender shrimp and a buttery garlic sauce, you can enjoy this delectable dish in less than 15 minutes!

This recipe is straightforward and only needs six ingredients that can be found in most kitchens. It’s ideal for parties or when you need something quick. Plus, it pairs nicely with different kinds of pasta.

This dish’s secret lies in combining garlic, unsalted butter, olive oil and white wine. These four ingredients create an irresistibly buttery-creamy sauce that is packed with flavor. Furthermore, they help reduce the amount of salt used in the preparation.

If you’re not a fan of wine, chicken broth can be used in its place for the same flavors without making the sauce thicker. You could also add some lemon juice for extra brightness and tartness.

It’s essential to defrost your shrimp before cooking them, so they don’t develop a rubbery texture when done. For best results, let them thaw overnight in the fridge or over night in a bowl of cool water.

Beyond thawing, avoid microwaving frozen shrimp as this can cause them to become rubbery. Instead, reheat them on the stove top or microwave, avoiding leaving them out at room temperature as this could promote bacteria growth.

Begin by heating the olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Be sure to use an aluminum or steel skillet so you can evenly distribute the heat and avoid burning your garlic.

Once the oil is hot, add garlic and shrimp to a pan and toss to combine. As soon as the shrimp begin to turn opaque, flip them over and continue cooking for several minutes, until pink on both sides.

Once the shrimp are done cooking, remove them from the skillet and place in a serving bowl. Serve with either some pasta or crusty bread for dipping into the sauce – an easy yet delicious recipe that everyone is sure to enjoy!

Shrimp Fried Rice

Shrimp fried rice is an incredibly fast and simple meal to make in the instant pot. It’s great for using up leftover rice while adding extra protein. Plus, this one-pan meal comes together quickly, making it the ideal choice for busy weeknights!

Shrimp fried rice makes an excellent freezer dish; just divide the cooked mixture into quart size zip lock bags, seal them securely, and store in your freezer for up to two months.

Reheating leftovers in the microwave in one-minute increments until hot is possible. Just be sure to add some butter or soy sauce if necessary to prevent your rice from sticking to the pan.

For optimal results, use cold day-old rice when making this recipe; this will keep the grains firm and not get mushy while cooking. Rinse and drain before sauteing in oil.

After sauteing the rice, add in shrimp and vegetables. You may also wish to stir in some peas for extra flavor!

After adding the shrimp, stir in an egg mixture. This helps keep your fried rice warm without overcooking while the shrimp is still cooking.

Making this meal with the Instant Pot is a breeze, as everything cooks in just one pan! Not only that, but it’s also an economical way to save money and avoid ordering takeout again.

If you don’t own an instant pot, a pressure cooker can also be used for this recipe. This method cooks both rice and shrimp at once, though you must allow for more cooking time.

It’s ideal to use fresh garlic in this recipe, which will enhance its flavor and eliminate any bitterness that might occur from older garlic. Furthermore, adding some toasted sesame oil can only enhance everything.

You could also substitute shrimp for other proteins like chicken or fish. Not only will this give your dish a different texture and taste, but it’ll still be incredibly delicious!

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